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31 of Wisconsin's 56 Black Neighborhoods Are Jails
02 Aug 2016

31 of Wisconsin's 56 Black Neighborhoods Are Jails

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Prepare to feel sick to your stomach.

The following is every Black neighborhood in Wisconsin. A Black neighborhood is a certain area where the majority of residents are African American. Using the Racial Dot Map, a website that places one dot on a US map for every American, it is possible to find each and every Black neighborhood in the state.

Every white person is represented by a blue dot, every Black person is represented by a green dot, and so on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.15.58 AM.png

So, since Wisconsin has a large white majority, you would expect to see a majority of blue dots across the state. And, of course, that's just what we see.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.18.14 AM.png

With only a few exceptions. There are exactly 56 Black neighborhoods in Wisconsin, and all of them are shown below (in alphabetical order by city name). Here they are:







Beloit, WI


A. - Brittany Apartments and Colonial Gardens Apartments.

B. - McLengan site of the Beloit Housing Authority.

C. - Burton Ridge Apartments.

D. - Pool Court site of Beloit Housing Authority.

E. - East Side of Beloit.

F. - College Inn Apartments.




Boscobel, WI

Untitled drawing (1).jpg

The only 100% solitary confinement "SuperMax" jail in the entire state of Wisconsin. One of the inmates reporting being in solitary for 19.5 straight years. Majority Black. Jail Counter: 1

(NOTE: As the article goes on, the Jail Counter will track how many of the listed Black "neighborhoods" are actually jails.)




Chippewa Falls, WI

Eau Claire.jpg

Chippewa Valley Correctional Institution. Chippewa Falls is a white city, but contains one Black neighborhood - a prison. Jail Counter: 2




Deerfield, WI


Thompson Correctional Institute. Only patch of green dots in a sea of blue. It's a jail. Starting to get what's going on? Jail Counter: 3




Fox Lake, WI


Fox Lake Correctional Institution. We find ourselves in another white Wisconsin town, surrounded by other white Wisconsin towns....adjacent to a majority-Black jail. The city limits of Fox Lake have a black population of almost 15%, and a male population of 66%. You can guess where that's coming from. Jail Counter: 4




Green Bay, WI

Untitled drawing.jpg

Green Bay Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 5




Janesville, WI

Untitled drawing (5).jpg

Rock County Jail. Jail Counter: 6




Kenosha, WI


A lot of Kenosha is mixed Black and Hispanic, but only one "neighborhood" is distinctly majority-Black: Kenosha County Jail. Jail Counter: 7




Laona, WI

Untitled drawing.jpg

Blackwell Job Corps Center, "the nation's largest residential education and vocational training program for the economically-disadvantaged youth."




Madison, WI


A. - Woodlands Apartments - Section 8 housing.

B. - Packer Apartments - Section 8 housing.

C. - Wexford Ridge Apartments - Section 8 housing.

D. - Apartments on Gammon Lane.

E. - Orchard Village Apartments - Section 8 housing. More info here.

F. - The Allied Neighborhood- mostly Section 8 housing.

G. - River Bend Apartments.

H. - (Certain parts of) The South Side - mostly Section 8 housing.

I. - Hospitality House - Homeless shelter.

J. - Madison's largest jail - the City County Building and the adjacent Public Safety Building. Jail Counter: 8

K. - Salvation Army - Emergency homeless shelter.

L. - Darbo neighborhood - Section 8 Housing.

M. - Owl Creek neighborhood - Section 8 Housing. More info here.

Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the most racially disparate cities in the country. It has a higher Black child poverty rate (75%) than Chicago (51%) and New Orleans (42%). It also has a higher Black unemployment rate (25%) than Atlanta (22%) and even Detroit (22%). Read more about Madison's racial disparities here.




Milwaukee, WI


A. - Milwaukee's general residential Black neighborhood. Black median household income in the city is a mere 41% of white median household income. Known as the most segregated urban area in America.

B. - Milwaukee County Jail AND Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility. Jail Counter: 11

C. - Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center. Jail Counter: 12

D. - Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Center. Jail Counter: 13

E. - House of Correction. A Black jail found in the middle of a white neighborhood. Jail Counter: 14

DISCLAIMER: Jails are included separately because jail dwellers could come from any part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area, which is 77% white - yet these jails are almost all Black.




New Lisbon, WI


Corrections Department in New Lisbon - majority green dots. Located on Progress Road. Ironic. Jail Counter: 15




Oregon, WI


Oakhill Correctional Institute. Jail Counter: 16




Oxford, WI


Federal Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 17




Plymouth, WI


Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 18




Portage, WI

Columbia Correctional Institution.jpg

Columbia Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 19




Prairie Du Chien, WI


Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 20




Racine, WI


A. -  Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility. Jail Counter: 21

B. - (3 neighborhoods) Residential area AND Racine County Jail AND another corrections facility. Jail Counter: 23

C. - Sturtevant Transitional Facility. Jail Counter: 24

D. - Orchard Springs, Sunset Terrace, and South Willow Apartments - Section 8 housing.

E. - Georgetown Village, Georgetown Square, and Biscayne Apartments.

F. - The Maples Apartments and Mt. Pleasant Manor - Section 8 Housing.

G. - Concord, Lighthouse Point, and Lakeshore Village Apartments.




Stanley, WI


Stanley Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 25




Waupun, WI


A. - Dodge Correctional Institute AND John C Burke Correctional Center. Jail Counter: 27

B. - Waupun Correction Institute. Jail Counter: 28

Waupun Senior High is 0.6% Black, which represents the general population of the town. But if you include everyone within the city limits (including prisoners), the demographics soon 11.1% Black.




Winnebago, WI


A. - Winnebago Correctional Center AND Drug Abuse Correctional Center. Jail Counter: 30

B. - Winnebago County Jail AND Oshkosh Correctional Institution. Jail Counter: 32

The city of Winnebago is 19.3% black. Clearly not from the residential population.





The Conclusion?

See the correlation? Almost every single Black neighborhood in the entire state of Wisconsin is either a jail or low income housing. Of the 56 Black neighborhoods in Wisconsin, 31 (55%) are jails. On top of this, 21 (38%) are apartment complexes, Section 8 housing, or both. Two are homeless shelters, and one is a job corps center. The only one left is Milwaukee's general residential Black neighborhood, which isn't necessarily thriving either.

It's so bad that of the 20 Wisconsin cities with the highest percentage of their population being Black, 13 of the 20 are that way solely due to having a jail.


Of course, to say that a majority of Wisconsin Black neighborhoods are jails isn't the same as saying the majority of Wisconsin Black people are in jail - but Wisconsin does happen to rank worse than every other state in that respect, too, with 1 in every 8 Black men (12.8%) locked behind bars.


41% of inmates in Wisconsin's jails are Black, despite Black people making up only 6% of Wisconsin's general population. This is completely disproportional to the crime rate and drug usage rate, which has been statistically proven to be near-equal between Blacks and whites.

Despite this terrible epidemic, it seems that whenever people try to speak out against it, they are met with backlash and apathy. Whenever people failed by a racially-disparate economic system, a business-as-usual governmental system, and a rooted-in-slavery police system demand much-needed, life-or-death systemic changes by marching in the streets and chanting "Black Lives Matter", they are somehow met with disdain for simply fighting for their freedom and their right to self-determination.

Perhaps instead of not listening to the experiences of Wisconsin's and the nation's Black community, we should lend our ears to their demands.

What are these demands? Well, since this is a systemic problem, we need a comprehensive systemic solution. The Young Gifted and Black Coalition of Madison, Wisconsin demands just that: community control over the police. This is a democratic solution to a corrupt system - placing a randomly appointed board of community representatives in complete control of the police force. This means the decriminalization of poverty, the decriminalization of drugs, having officers live in the communities they operate in, and granting the people the power to fire officers for excessive and unnecessary use of force. It also means reinvesting police funding and jail funding into funding for community initiatives such as combatting poverty and hiring mental health workers - a solution that prevents crime more than reactionary force ever could.

These are systemic changes, and if we truly care about closing our racial gap and holding this country to a higher standard, we must work together, in solidarity, to get them. It will take each and every one of us to change the statistics displayed in this article. It's time to give this racist system a wake up call.

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