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We use direct actions to interrupt the status quo and bring awareness to key issues and different forms of state violence affecting the root causes of the plight of black and brown people around the world.,


We stand against the many forms of state violence: police killings, mass incarceration, poverty and others.  We stand for justice for Tony Robinson and ALL Black lives lost at the hands of the state. We stand for community and self determination. We will not stop until we are free.

YGB In The Media

YGB raising awareness and building community


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Madison365: M Adams Gives Specific Policies For The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

A recent Madison365 article quotes Freedom Inc.'s M Adams, who worked for over a year to generate six demands and 40 specific policies to end systemic racism in conjunction with the Movement for Black Lives, an umbrella #BlackLivesMatter organization.

Here are the six fundamental demands:

◆ End the War on Black People
◆ Reparations
◆ Invest-Divest
◆ Economic Justice
◆ Community Control
◆ Political Power

Read the Madison365 article here. Visit the Movement for Black Lives policy page here.

Eric Upchurch for Madison365 on All Lives Matter

YGB's Eric Upchurch wrote a powerful article for Madison365 about how the phrase "All Lives Matter", while of course true in a literal sense, is anti-progress when used as a contradictory response to the phrase "Black Lives Matter", because denying the truth of an oppressed community is an act that stands in the way of freedom and self determination.

Please click here to read Eric's article.

YGB's Eric Upchurch on WPR
05 Jul 2016

YGB's Eric Upchurch on WPR

YGB’s Eric Upchurch joined Wisconsin Public Radio on Wednesday, June 29 to talk about the Black Lives Matter community’s response to the police beating of Genele Laird, and how her release isn’t necessarily a victory to Madison’s Black community. Says Upchurch, Laird “did not resist, what she did do was react to the escalation that trained police officers induce. So, we need to foster a culture that doesn’t make that seem like a good idea to police officers, and what we’ve seen is that when police officers are accountable to the communities that they serve, things like this happen less.”

Listen to the full talk with WPR by clicking here.

Madison Magazine Article - How YGB Has Changed the Views of White Madisonians
07 Apr 2016

Madison Magazine Article - How YGB Has Changed the Views of White Madisonians

A recent Madison Magazine article explained the cultural shift that YGB has sparked in Madison, through the eyes of a white person. The article is a personal narrative in which the author explains how YGB gave him the power to transform his assorted knowledge of racial issues in Madison into a full, comprehensive understanding of the systemic racism that plagues Madison.

The writer explains that through YGB he was able to connect the death of Tony Robinson to school failures, mass incarceration, and Black unemployment. The author implies that without YGB's raising of awareness, he would not have the empathetic connection to the family and friends of Tony Robinson that he has today, nor such a profound understanding and drive to take action against Madison's systemic racism.

And, most importantly, he said that these realizations have been experienced by a large portion of white Madisonians. The protests and messages sent by YGB have sparked a conversation in nearly every Madison household on the topic of Madison's relationship between the police force and the Black community, and this has changed our political system greatly; in a governmental discussion last year over Madison's $150,000,000 new jail proposal, multiple representatives emphasized that the desire of the people, as seen by YGB protests, is to deny the jail proposal - and that people power directly influenced how the representatives viewed the problem, and ultimately how they voted.

The Madison Magazine article perfectly debunks the myth that YGB protests are unproductive or wasteful - it proves that the protests have brought the conversation to tens of thousands of tables across the city, have challenged misconceptions, and have had social, political, and cultural impacts that cannot be measured or overestimated.


Read the Madison Magazine article:

UN Workgroup Takes Freedom Inc.'s Suggestion and Advocate for Reparations
08 Feb 2016

UN Workgroup Takes Freedom Inc.'s Suggestion and Advocate for Reparations

In a historic turn, the UN workgroup, Experts on People of African Descent, is pushing the U.S. government to give long overdue reparations to descendants of slaves in America. YGB and Freedom Inc. members turned out to present their case to the UN workgroup in earlier February 2016 and it appears their arguments did not fall on deaf ears.

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YGB needs your voice in order to get an investigation by the United Nations as we elevate the conversation of of racial disparities in Madison and fight for justice for Tony Robinson, the unarmed black teen murdered at the hands of officer Matt Kenny of the Madison Police Department  



YGB demands that Matt Kenny, the murderer of Tony Robinson, be fired. Far to often are killer cops left unpunished, and we want Kenny off the streets.



The Young Gifted and Black Coalition is a circle of young leaders determined to end state violence and raise the voice of communities of color. We are young Black Women, Queer Folks, Straight Folks and Feminist Men who are fighting for Black Liberation. Our focus is on the low income black communities that our core members call home. 




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