Dear YGB Community,

So many of you have reached out asking about Racial Equity and Social Justice trainings.

A huge part of the fight for social justice is making sure every organization that we can reach does everything it can to change the tides of inequity and injustice to empower marginalized members of the wider community.

We’re putting together a free webinar to share some of the key methods that organizations and individuals can use to make their world more equitable. We want to make sure this webinar is AWESOME!

YOU can help us make it awesome by answering a few short questions so we can make sure we’re meeting the needs of our community.

YOU have the power to make change. Please take the survey here:

Take the Survey Now!

We are looking to survey how organizations stand on issues of racial justice and better understand their wants and needs. With this information, we will develop informed strategies to assist your organization with trainings and strategies to combat racial discrimination and injustice.

To help us develop these strategies, please fill out the form by clicking the button above.