Since its founding in the Fall of 2014, YGB has helped organize too many direct actions to count, countless freedom schools, education sessions, community conversations, debates, resource workshops and helped raise funds to meet the needs of Black and Brown people in WI and across the U.S.. Still, our organization - labeled "radical," "dangerous," and "unfindable," has remained at the fringes of financially established organizations without consistent funding. The community has missed out because of it.

While Madison and the surrounding areas continue to benefit from YGB and collaborator social justice work, the entrenched funding structures continue to avoid committed support that values and sustains real grassroots work. Our experience is not unique. 

Throughout the state of Wisconsin and across the nation, our story is lived by innumerable social change agents who just want to continue making a difference and need a little support to get there; but funders and fundraisers fail to realize a mutual benefit. In some cases, the initiatives must sacrifice impact and core values in order to become palatable to mainstream funders.

This is a big deal, and sheds light on why some of the problems we aim to solve persist in the city with the highest non-profits per capita in the state. 


Movement Fund is a crowdsourced tool to build funding for low barrier grants that support social good work that may fall outside of the usually supported criteria. Grants focus on key areas including Meeting NeedsBuilding AwarenessAdvocacy and Action.

"It's our way of bringing independence and consistency to a broken funding world." ~ Sed Smith, YGB Organizer.

Movement Fund rewards community partners that help build a network of dedicated monthly contributors who support more grants.

As a result, community partners and volunteers can generate revenues that they can choose to donate back to the fund, or improve their bottom line when they join the movement and share the opportunity to contribute.

Movement Fund makes grants to individuals and small organizations, and helps those who build the fund earn when they share the fund's opportunities.

"We believe that, if we can help improve the bottom line of organizations that get involved, we can build consistent funding for those who are too often forgotten AND create more resources for social good work." ~ Sed Smith 

The fund has already made grants but plans to use this crowdsourced referral marketing structure to generate a new level of social justice funding for our community. 

Learn More about Movement Fund and Join the Movement at

Some FAQs

Who Can Apply for Funding and What Does it Cover?

Any organization or individual seeking to continue or launch initiatives that Meet Needs, Raise Awareness, promote Advocacy and Action and/or have a social justice or social good focus may apply. Applicants DO NOT need to be a registered non-profit. 

Individuals may also apply to help meet their own basic needs. 

Find our more about the application process and criteria here

Who Can Be a Collaborator to Earn Rewards by Building the Fund?

YGB invites Organizations and individuals that wish to support Movement Fund by sharing opportunities to donate, opportunities to apply for grants, and opportunities to partner and earn. Partner links are tracked and partners earn a small percentage of donations that occur as a result of their sharing. 

Ideal Movement Partners are organizations who already have a social justice presence and participate in community giving of some kind, membership based organizations with members who would love to pay slightly higher monthly fees to support social good initiatives, organizations or individuals with large audiences or contact lists, and passionate individuals who want to earn and raise funds for important work at the same time. 

Find our more about becoming a Movement Partner here

What's the Best Way for Me to Support this?

The Movement Fund has a major goal of building a strong monthly donor base and using those funds to make grants for social good. You can help by 1) Making a monthly donation here, 2) Sharing the grant opportunity with your networks, 3) Sharing the Movement Partner Opportunity with your networks. 

Each of these will help build the Movement Fund and increase our capacity to sustain social good work. 

You can start your monthly donation here



YGB Has Just Launched a Movement Fund that rewards partners and makes grants to support social justice work. Learn More at

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