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The United Nations recommends YGB demands to the United States! Learn more here.

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YGB is leading a fundraising campaign to help out grassroots organizations who are on the ground doing real work for those affected by the hurricane - not the Red Cross, which mismanages funds and fails to do the dirty work necessary for those who are need it most. Please help those affected by donating here.

Support the FreeThe350 Bail Fund here. 

We know that the Dane County Jail’s bail system is designed to penalize poor people - most often people of color. The FreeThe350 Bail Fund is an online fundraiser to pay the bails of incarcerated people of color. Please support the fund by clicking here.


YGB continues to gain support both locally and abroad, people are asking how they can financially support the cause.

We now have a Text-to-Donate system: Text YGB to 444999 (courtesy of TransText)

We will be focusing our efforts in three key areas: Understanding Black Needs, Building Collective Analysis, and Advocacy. Working in these areas, we believe we will more efficiently build community power to create and sustain change.

The Young Gifted and Black coalition seeks to end state violence that manifests in many ways in our communities. It manifests in poverty, mass incarceration, racial disparity and the murder of black people at the hands of the police every 28 hours.

We are fighting the various forms of state violence and racism by building and mobilizing our communities toward power and real change. Funds raised will be used to support our efforts in the struggle to end state violence.

Your support will help to sustain our work in the above key areas so that we can begin to do for ourselves what we're calling on the state to do. We also need funds for bail rescue as police continue to arrest us at a rate of 11 (blacks) to1 (white).

Be a part of the movement to end state violence. We will continually update this campaign with YGB's next strategy in the movement as well as our victories.